Eliot Hoppe
Calgary, AB Canada
Video: The Importance Of Body Language Communication And Sales
Eliot Hoppe - Body Language Expert, Speaker, Trainer, Author

Eliot Hoppe is a leading authority in the field of body language communication, non verbal influence and deception detection.

An accomplished speaker and corporate trainer, Eliot has trained thousands of selling professionals internationally and works closely with leading organizations like 3M, Cartier, Nexen and Glentel to help develop the communication skills of their client facing employees.

Eliot is the co-author of the Amazon best selling book, Selling: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success. and the author of the popular eBook, Body Language Boardroom Basics: The Non Verbal Signals You Must Decode!

Why is accurately decoding your customer’s Body
Language so critical in sales?

Because communication is the most powerful element during the sales meeting! Simply put, when communication breaks down so does the
entire sales opportunity

Our Clients Are Saying...
Eliot Hoppe is one of the finest speakers I've seen. He entertains, trains, teaches and connects with audiences leaving them with lots of "take-a-ways". There are only a handful of really competent sales experts out there.
- Kevin Hogan Psy.D
Eliot Hoppe is a Pro! He's motivated, energized and his positive attitude is highly contagious. Eliot utilizes his highly successful background in Sales at some of Canada's top companies, to engage and empower.
- John McCoy, Dallas, TX
  McCoy Media
What I found most intriguing about Eliot's presentation was the finer points of the message my handshake delivers. Also the skills to neutralize the other person's attempt to dominate with his handshake. His delivery & sense of humor made his presentation very enjoyable.
- Scott A. Bell, Jacksonville, FL
Hello Eliot, just wanted to give you a quick note to say I really enjoyed your training session on Wednesday. I have been to a few large corporate training workshops and must say I found yours to be the most interesting and interactive.
- Sean Kenny, Calgary, Alberta
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